Manila Hostage Circus

28 03 2007

A school bus full of day care students has turned into a hostage crisis in frontt of manila city hall by two men armed with Uzi’s, Handguns, and, granades.

One child was released and 31 children and 2 teachers are on board the bus. which was headed to popular tourist spot for locals Tagaytay ridge – most of the children are from a school south of manila.
The leader of the group who gave his name to reporters as Jun Ducat – says they are doing this to help the poor children he wants 145 scholarships for the children and thirty lots of land for those kids being held hostage.

Ducat who has taken hostages before at a manila church about twenty years ago is being called a stable but a publicity consious person.

The comunities he’s asking help for are mostly marginalized urban poor. Ducat is reportedly the owner or one of the owners of the day care center most of the students are his ‘scholars’ .

He appears to have taken hostages before for ransom. He is an engineer.The students are from the Cavite area south of manila.




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