S. Philippines :Jolo firefight inside military camp leaves ten dead

8 04 2007

A lone gunman is reported to have killed ten and wounded others in a running gun battle that took place on Saturday on Jolo Island. the insident in the town of Parang seems to have been confined to the inside of mobile patrol base and ther motive for the shooting remains unclear. speculation is the gunman wnet on shooting ramapge.
Around five brigades of Philippine forces are on the island to fight against extremists of the Abu Sayyaf and chase down members of Jemaah Islamia a al qaeda cell in south east Asia that has engaged in terrorism.

It is not clear if the gunman was a solder or a local. The term ‘A-muck’ or ‘Amok’ is commonly used to describe extremely violent behavior was made by US troops wh fought pitched battles versus Moro tribal warriors who often were unleashed on US forces during the early 1900’s of the Philippine insurrection – Philippines-Americans war period – – and- common on Jolo island where blood fueds and violent incidents involving locals who sometimes go on ‘blood missions’ to kills as many people as they can in a rampage. – some reports speculate this may have been the case -but it is unlikely.

[] Rampaging gunman kills 10 in southern Philippines
Reuters – MANILA (Reuters) – An unidentified gunman killed nine soldiers and one civilian in a rampage inside a patrol base in the southern Philippines, … []

There are US and allies who have forces based on the island in a advisory traning and support role but so far no foreigners appear to be among the dead or injured.




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