“too early to determine if foul play was involved.”: Investigators “Missing Peace Corps volunteer dead”

18 04 2007

“Too early to determine if foul play was involved.” – but other reports say that the body which is believed to be of missing Julia Cambell, who is from Fairfax, Virgina and is in the Philippines as one of 137 peace corps volunteers in the country.

News reports coming from the scene say the body appears to have been buried – or covered in debris from a fall. but investigators are still investigating.

Meanwhile. Colonel Victor Felix, commander of the Army’s 502nd Infantry Brigade- describe the place the body was found as a ‘grave’ beside a creek. Col. Felix, said in a radio interview that his team had found the site at around 10:30 am local time.

Philippine National Police and the US Embassy RSO personnel in Manila have set forensic tests to confirm that the remains were indeed Campbell’s.

Cambell’s death is one of the first involving tourists in the area which is very popular with backpackers, hikers, and naturalists.

Accidents however are not uncommon and tourism officials in a published guide book recommend that travelers hire local guides or at least travel in groups for safer enjoyment of the area.




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